About Us

Who We Are

our_team_2 • Care and education must be delivered together for the best and most holistic development of the child, especially between the ages of 2-6. They cannot be mutually exclusive services.
• Exposing a young child to the right learning environment, plays a pivotal role in their development

Our mission is to ensure, that children experience happiness in their most formative years. In order to nurture a positive attitude in children.

GAMMA was established on foundational principles deeply rooted in the belief that parents should not endure guilt when faced with the decision between work and staying at home. It advocates for ensuring children have access to top-quality care and education, regardless of both parents' employment status. Emphasizing a holistic approach, GAMMA asserts that care and education must be integrated, particularly for children aged 2-6, as they cannot be viewed as separate services but rather essential components for optimal development.

What We Do

Support parents to create a stress free home or work environment

Gamma Preschool supports parents in creating stress-free environments, fostering a nurturing community for children to thrive. Through innovative teaching methods, we cater to each child's unique needs, cultivating a love for lifelong learning and ensuring academic success.

Surround them with enthusiastic, loving adults who challenge them in creative ways
Expose them to a variety of high quality learning tools
Acknowledge and understand their opinions, their worldview and their interests
Encourage them to develop their minds, their bodies and their personalities so they may reach their potential.


GAMMA was born from a steadfast belief that parents shouldn't feel torn between work and staying at home, that children deserve exceptional care and education regardless of parental employment, and that intertwining care and education is essential for the comprehensive development of the child, particularly between the ages of 2 and 6, rejecting the notion that they should be treated as separate entities.

Enriching Exploration
Inspiring curiosity in literature, math, science, and arts, we encourage children to explore independently, fostering confident self-expression.

Celebrating Potential
Children are our delight. We are always in awe of their unique strengths and talents. We celebrate who they are now and marvel at the person they can be

Curiosity Collaboration
With parents as partners, we spark children’s natural curiosity into a love of learning and empower them with skills for life

Empowered Expression
Engaging each child to explore and participate in their own way, we inspire them to think independently and express themselves confidently.

Teacher 1

Ms. Tiffany

Principal (2017-present)

Teacher 5

Ms. Malar

Principal assistant And
Teacher (Sep 2023-present)

Teaching experience: 20 years

Teacher 2

Ms. Rashida

Teacher (2020-present)

Teaching experience: 10 years

Teacher 3

Ms. Adiba

Teacher (Aug 2022-present)

Teaching experience: 3 years

Teacher 4

Ms. Dini

Teacher (Feb 2023-present)

Teaching experience: 5 years

Teachers roles

As a teacher, the roles encompass various responsibilities aimed at creating an optimal learning environment. This includes maintaining classroom cleanliness to foster a conducive atmosphere, developing social skills among students through structured activities, guiding children's learning through play to stimulate cognitive development, collaborating with fellow educators to enhance teaching strategies, adapting guidance plans to cater to individual student needs, demonstrating adept lesson planning skills to ensure effective instruction, promoting concepts of health and safety, attending meetings and training sessions to stay updated, organizing learning materials and resources for efficient access, and supervising student teachers during their placement to provide mentorship and support.